Mark A.M. Kramer; Alexander Meschtscherjakov; Manfred Tscheligi
Kramer, M., Meschtscherjakov, A., & Tscheligi, M. (2016). Teaching in an Age of Ubiquitous Social Media: An Informal Ethnographic Survey. In M. Überwimmer, T. Gangl, M. Gaisch, & C. Stadlmann (Eds.), Proceedings of the Cross-Cultural Business Conference 2016
Publication year: 2016

Social media is widely used and accepted by students and professors/lecturers of higher education and has become a central part of their lives in and out of the university classroom. Social media has altered the practice of “e-learning” and “mobile learning” and has influenced the development of new hybrid cultures of learning which are enhanced by ubiquitous and pervasive technologies of mass communication and collaboration. This paper provides first hand accounts and experiences with applying the use of social media and related technology enhanced learning methods within higher-education settings that serve a diverse International demographic. Furthermore, this paper goes beyond state of the art in research on teaching and learning with technology by providing insights into emerging and future technology enhanced learning scenarios between students of varied cultural backgrounds and techno-cultures.