• ESN WORKSHOP | Digital tools

    Understanding Consumer Experiences Through Digital Tools

    WORKSHOP | Digital tools: How to use Immersive VR & Smartphone Apps to understand Consumers’ Experience

    OVERVIEW: The goal of this keynote presentation is to explore how the “digital tools” of Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) and Smartphone (Mobile) Applications can be used to expand the existing arsenal of research methodologies used by sensory scientists to evaluate consumer experiences. It is the intention of this keynote to demonstrate how “digital tools” can enhance and improve sensory and consumer testing methods and research.

    The exploration of “digital tools” within this presentation will highlight case-studies from academic and industrial research projects which have been successfully used IVR and Mobile Apps as methods for behavioral and consumer experience research. [Example case-studies and references include, but are not limited to: (Capatu et al., 2014), (Qualcomm Technologies, 2015), (Spink, Loijens, & Noldus, 2014).]

    In essence this keynote will inspire a discussion on the promises, challenges and limitations of the use of digital tools (IVR and Mobile Apps) as research tools. Furthermore, the “digital tools” highlighted within the presentation will either be demonstrated live or through the use of multimedia.

  • eLitNet | Project

    ICT - Enhanced Acquisition of Primary Literacy Skills


    ICT-supported mobile learning to enhance the teaching of reading and writing skills for functionally illiterate adults.