Winter Semester 2018/19

  • Lecture | TMK05-51 - Multimedia Technologies & Applications

    Guest Lecturer - Department of Media and Economics - University of Applied Sciences - St. Pölten

    Lecture | Multimedia Technologies & Applications

    St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria

    After completing this course, students will be familiar with various technology trends shaping the media landscape of the future. They will be capable to comprehend the technological foundations and economic drivers of ostensibly non-media phenomena like the Internet of Things or autonomous vehicles. Students will be capable to put emerging services based on digital technology into context of an extended media industry and comprehend the disruptive effects of digitization beyond the scope of content production and distribution.

  • Lecture | GSM13-31 - Internet und Mobile

    Guest Lecturer - Department of Media and Economics - University of Applied Sciences - St. Pölten

    St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria

    Lecture Internet and Mobile

    The participants will become familiar with the conceptual and technological basics of the Internet and services that build upon it. They will understand how the design and architecture of network technologies influence social interaction and trigger transformations in the production, distribution and consumption of digital content and services.

    At the end of the course participants will have gained a deep understanding of the disruptive effects of digital technologies on the media industry and its intersections with areas that are not yet perceived as core areas of the media business.

  • Masters Seminar | M-BNM3I, BB-M-BNM3I - B2B New Media Marketing

    Lecturer - Global Sales & Marketing - Masters Program - FH Steyr

    University of Applied Sciences,  Upper Austria – Campus Steyr

    Seminar - Business Marketing and New Media

    Seminar – Business Marketing and New Media

    Learning Objectives:

    To understand the use of electronic media and networks within business marketing strategy and tactics:

    • as an opportunity for promotion and relationship building;
    • as a channel for distribution and retailing;
    • as a way to create a platform for connecting people and groups and creating network effects (CRM and multichannel CRM);
    • as a value generating vehicle for companies.

    To explore various “new media” tools and services which can be used to conduct business marketing.

    To gain the skills and knowledge to develop and implement e-commerce marketing activities for business enterprises.

    To gain insights into how new media influences a B2B business marketing mix and especially on Business Marketing Communications;

    Integrating new media in the business marketing communications plan.

  • Masters Seminar | Mobile Health and Sports 2_MC511

    Lecturer - Mobile Computing - Dept. Mobility & Energy - FH Hagenberg

    University of Applied Sciences,  Upper Austria – Hagenberg

    The Mobile Health and Sports (2_MC511) seminar examines the impact and potential of mobile devices, wearables and related mobile services for health-care and sports related contexts. This seminar will give students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in using mobile design methodologies to ideate, research and design a mobile app (native or Internet-enabled /web-apps) prototype for a specific Health or Sports use-case scenario.

    In this seminar we will consider the following in relation to the user experience (UX): how consumers/users locate health/sports apps and decide to download and try them; how they use health/sports apps and why they sustain or abandon use. Also this seminar will explore the potential health benefits of mobile apps, focusing on how apps educate, connect, track, and persuade consumers/users to live better lives.

    The course is a mixture of lecture and discussion including group / teamwork to design health / sports applications. A final project involving the development of a mobile application / service is required as seminar evaluation.